When you get stopped for a DUI offense, there are a series of steps you must go through in order to handle the violation. Eric Gordon and Associates can help. Any DUI violation requires an evaluation for the Court.  In other circumstances, more in-depth treatment is required.
Our state approved program provides a thorough assessment of a defendantís progress throughout the DUI process:

  • Court and Secretary of State Evaluations
  • Risk Education (Level I)
  • Treatment of Level II or III Intensive outpatient care
  • Aftercare follow-up
  • Psychological services
  • Evaluations include:
    • Case history and documentation required by the court and Secretary of State.
    • Analysis of problems relating to school, employment, family or interpersonal relationships.
    • Follow-ups of goals which ma be part of court-ordered treatment plans or educational programs.
  • License reinstatement
    • We provide comprehensive assessments and the knowledge needed to assist in the Secretary of State Hearing Process

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