How to Obtain a restricted driving permit or reinstatement.

In order to obtain a RDP (Restricted Driving Permit), you must prove “undue hardship” because of work, medical or educational reasons. Otherwise, you cannot apply for reinstatement before your eligibility date.

If your record reflects an alcohol/drug-related offense, you must complete the following requirements after your consultation:

  • Complete an alcohol/drug evaluation by an Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (OASA)-licensed provider within six months prior to your hearing date. The evaluator will classify you as one of the following:

Minimal Risk:

  • Must complete an alcohol/drug risk education class by an OASA-licensed provider.

Moderate or Significant Risk:

  • Must complete minimal risk requirements, and
  • Provide proof of completion of early intervention (moderate risk) or recommended alcohol/drug treatment (significant risk) and provide continuing care status report.

High Risk

  • Provide proof of completion of recommended treatment and provide continuing care status report. If nondependent, a clinical examination of why dependency was ruled out must be provided, as well as proof of either abstinence or non-problematic use.
  • Provide three letters from members of your support/recovery program confirming your participation in the program.
  • Provide three letters from independent sources confirming your abstinence from alcohol/drugs.

Following this,  there will be an informal hearing or a formal hearing.  An informal hearing is for an offense that id not involve a fatality or for a single alcohol/drug-related offense. A formal hearing is for an offense involving a fatality or for multiple DUI dispositions.

Following this one of three things will happen:

RDP Granted


Reinstatement Granted

  • Provide proof of financial responsibility within 60 days.
  • Pay $8 issuance fee
  • Submit verification of employment, medical or educational need for RDP
  • Take driver’s examination if required.

If denied after an informal hearing, you may apply for a formal hearing or wait 30 days from the date of hearing for another informal hearing

The following requirements must be completed within six months or you will have to start the process over.

  • Provide proof of financial responsibility.
  • Pay reinstatement fee.



Authorization for New License

You will receive your RDP by mail. You cannot operate a motor vehicle until you have the permit in your possession.

If denied after a formal hearing, you must wait four months from the date of the hearing to have another hearing.

You will receive authorization by mail. You may be required to take a full or partial driver’s license exam. There is a $10 fee for a new license.

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